Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with the help of Oklahoma's own Eco-X Corp

Eco-X Corp is owned and operated by our founder, Danny Gonzalez. Gonzalez initially began working in residential pest management before deciding to switch over to commercial extermination full time. He established Eco-X Corp in 2010 and has been providing business for the Oklahoma's metro area with effective, safe and environmentally friendly pest management solutions ever since. 

We maintain an excellent reputation with community businesses by giving reliable service and honest recommendations for affordable extermination. Eco-X’s team of experienced exterminators has worked with companies of all types. From meat markets and restaurants, where remaining insects-free is essential to safety, to commercial office buildings, we have a fix for all types of pest problems. Don’t let a pest problem impact your business or bottom line in a negative way. Schedule an appointment with Eco-X Corp to keep insects and rodents far away from your business!