Our professionals will safely and effectively rid your building of hazardous:

• Spiders
• Ants
• Mosquitos
• Cockroaches
• Centipedes
• Termites
• Scorpions
• Bed bugs
• Flies, and more!

• Rats and Mice

Sechedule us for our monthly preventative program to keep you insect and rodent-free year-round. Reach out to Eco-X Corp to get started today.

Choose a commercial exterminator with the experience for the job

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with the help of Oklahoma's own

Eco-X Corp

Don’t put your business at risk because of a pest problem. Eco-X Corp’s team of exterminators are well trained and equipped to quickly identify the source of your business’s pest problems and eliminate them. Unwanted insects and rodents can become more than just a nuisance to your Oklahoma operation. They can quickly become a health problem as well, especially if you run a restaurant or food-related business.